Catherine Hicks




전문 분야

  • 10+ years of experience in operational excellence and performance improvement across different industries
  • Experienced advising c-suite clients on digital technologies, enterprise systems, and analytics
  • Driven complex, large-scale, operational and technology-enabled business transformations for Manufacturing and CP companies

Catherine is a member of our Advanced Manufacturing and Services, Enterprise Technology, and Performance Improvement (Supply Chain & Operations) practices.

Catherine has worked with many Fortune 1000 clients on their most important strategic and operational issues, including shaping enterprise strategy, cross-functional supply chain and operational programs, major technology and data strategies, including large scale digital and analytics transformations, cost management and reduction efforts, and mergers and acquisitions.

As clients aspire to digitize their operational footprints, Catherine helps them identify sustainable recurring value sources; operating model, org and talent implications; and critical systems and technologies to maintain performance.

Her industry portfolio includes clients across construction and building products, packaging and materials manufacturing, consumer goods and products, component manufacturing, airlines, automotive, and telco.

Catherine earned a bachelor's from the University of Notre Dame in political science and economics.

Outside of work, Catherine loves to travel, be outside, and is a mother to a young daughter.

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