Dhruva Murugasu


Kuala Lumpur


전문 분야


  • 10+ years experience leading transformations in Malaysia and Southeast Asia
  • Deep expertise in leadership & talent, organization, growth strategy and change
  • 2x winner of the SEA Servant Leader Award for commitment to people development

Dhruva Murugasu is a member of our Energy & Natural Resources, Leadership & Talent and Transformation practices.

He has significant expertise in organization, talent, capability strategy, and change management and has advised clients across Southeast Asia, India, and Europe. Dhruva has additionally supported several Malaysian and regional corporates with large-scale transformations, including redesigning their customer experience and enabling Engine #2 growth in large, incumbent businesses.

In addition to his client work, Dhruva is involved with our Kuala recruiting and people development initiatives. Outside Bain, he is highly involved in local social impact and mentoring programs.

Prior to joining Bain, he was previously a policy economist at the Central Bank of Malaysia.

Dhruva holds a BA (Hons) in Economics from the University of Cambridge.

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