Francine Gierak


San Francisco

Retail and marketing advisor with sharpened skill across consumer strategy and segmentation, as well as pricing and operating model.


전문 분야


  • Head of our diversity and inclusion efforts in the Bay Area
  • Head of Women at Bain (WAB) in the Bay Area and member of the North America Regional WAB LT
  • 10+ years of cross-continental firm experience

Francine Gierak is a member of our Customer and Retail practices. She is an expert in growth strategy, digital transformations, operating model redesign, customer segmentation, pricing and marketing.

With more than a decade of consulting experience, Francine advises both domestic and international Fortune 500 retailers and footwear and apparel brands on reorganizing for a digital world.

She recently worked with a leading retailer to refresh its consumer growth strategy and redesign its commercial operating model. She has also worked with a large hospitality company on its marketing and pricing strategy.

Additionally, Francine regularly advises digital natives and ad-/mar-tech players, helping them fine-tune their customer value propositions for growth and improving their marketing efforts.

Apart from her direct client work, she is a leader of Womxn at Bain (WAB), which fosters and promotes global initiatives to make our firm the best place for female talent. She also leads the firm’s diversity and inclusion efforts in the Bay Area.

Francine originally joined us in our Amsterdam office in 2009. She earned her bachelor’s degree in economics from Harvard College.

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