Gianpaolo Volante



+20 year Bain veteran; member of our Performance Improvement, Manufacturing, and Advanced Manufacturing and Services Practices


전문 분야


  • Manufacturing specialist with a focus on footprint optimization, digital lean and shopfloor and operational excellence
  • Supply chain redesign and performance optimization; procurement emphases on planning, strategic sourcing and operating model
  • 20+ years of firm experience

Gianpaolo is an expert in our Aerospace, Defense, and Government Services and Advanced Manufacturing and Services practices. He is also a specialist in our Performance Improvement and Manufacturing practices.

He has more than 15 years of consulting experience with us. Since 2000, he has served industrial clients across sectors, including aerospace, defense and government services, utilities, retail, consumer products, shipbuilding.

Gianpaolo has developed a wide range of expertise across areas such as manufacturing excellence, focusing on footprint redesign and optimization, digital lean and automation, operations planning, logistics, and supply chain redesign. He is also a procurement expert, specializing in planning, process optimization, strategic sourcing, and cost optimization programs.

Prior to joining us, he worked as a financial analyst for CAIB Investment Bank and Banca Sella Asset Management.

He holds a degree in Economics and Business Administration, with honors, from Bocconi University of Milan.

In his personal time, Gianpaolo enjoys sailing, playing tennis, relaxing by reading, and diving in the summer.

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