Jessie Lin




전문 분야

  • Deep expertise in Accelerated Performance Transformation
  • APAC leader in Experimentation at Scale
  • Angel investor and startup advisor

Jessie is a member of our Performance Improvement practice. She is also the APAC Head of Experimentation at Scale, Bain's data-driven approach to driving digital revenue acceleration.

Jessie advises executive teams on large-scale transformation programs and has a track record of delivering tangible bottom-line improvements for clients in industrials, transportation and resources sectors.

She has deep expertise in Bain's Accelerated Performance Transformation toolkit, and in topics of digital channel acceleration, sales and marketing optimisation, loyalty program design, organisation effectiveness and supply chain optimisation.

Jessie has over 12 years of management consulting experience across Australia, NZ, Southeast Asia and the US. Prior to Bain, she worked as an investment banker in NZ. She holds a Bachelor of Science and and Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Auckland.

Jessie is married with two young boys. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, travelling, alpine hiking, and angel investing.

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