Joseph Edwin

엑스퍼트 파트너,


Leader in the firm’s Financial Services and Enterprise Technology practices, with a particular focus on IT strategy and large-scale transformation topics.


전문 분야

  • Expert on large-scale, technology-enabled transformations, including core banking modernisation
  • Nearly 20 years of financial services experience across EMEA and APAC
  • Led two of the largest core banking modernisation efforts in banking globally

Joseph Edwin is a member of our EMEA Financial Services and Enterprise Technology leadership teams. 

Joseph has particularly deep expertise in large-scale, technology-enabled transformations and is a thought leader on core banking modernisation. Apart from guiding our clients on successfully navigating multi-year transformation programs, he advises them on a wide range of key topics, including developing and executing IT strategy, transforming technology operating models, and scaling delivery models — such as Agile — in a pragmatic manner.

Joseph joined us in August 2021 after spending almost 20 years in the financial services industry across Australia and the Nordics. During this period, he led complex, enterprise-wide transformations leveraging technology to drive digitalization, new capability creation, and improvements in productivity.

Most recently, he worked as Head of Core Banking Transformation for Nordea, the largest Nordic bank, where he led a very complex, multi-year programme to create a Nordic scale digital leader in financial services. Prior to that, he held various senior leadership roles at Australia’s leading bank, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, including as Chief Information Officer for CommSec (Australia’s #1 online equities broker), where he led the public cloud transition of its primary digital trading platform, which was an Australia- and industry-first for a mission-critical platform.

Prior to banking, he served in key client-facing roles at two separate Silicon Valley startups.

He holds a B.A. in English Literature, with honors, from Delhi University, as well as a diploma in software engineering.

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