Karl Strempel

파트너, Dusseldorf

Automotive, Mobility and Machinery expert focusing on sales/after-sales full potential and digital strategy.


전문 분야


  • Digital transformation and sales force effectiveness leader
  • Certified Agilist
  • 10+ years of firm experience

Karl Strempel is a partner in our Automotive and broader Advanced Manufacturing and Services practices, based in Dusseldorf.

He supports his customers with international growth strategies, sales and service optimization, and the reorientation of trade structures. He also supports OEMs and suppliers with the implementation of digital transformation processes, having conducted one of the largest sales transformation programs in the auto industry.

His recent work has encompassed sales push and sales force effectiveness, as well as our proprietary Radar 360 Strategy, Sales Operating Model, and Sales and Channel Excellence solutions.

In addition to his client work, Karl serves as co-organizer of the Bain Service Circle, co-lead of our Germany Social Impact program, head of our DACH BainFlex initiative, and ambassador of our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts. 

Karl holds an MBA from the Nanyang Business School (Singapore) and an undergraduate degree in strategy and international management from the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland). He is a certified Agile Scrum Master.

In his personal time, Karl is a passionate volleyball player.

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