Bodo Koerber



Head of Advanced Digital Technologies for Industrial Clients in EMEA


Bodo Körber is a member of Bain's Advanced Manufacturing & Services practice and head of Bain's Advanced Digital Technologies unit in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. This unit deals with the entire product lifecycle from development to production and distribution to (product) services and ensures the best possible technology support for industrial companies.

Körber has many years of consulting, software and industry experience with a focus on technology-supported business process optimization and the associated digital transformation.

His numerous implementation projects using advanced analytics, IT-OT-IIoT architectures, ERP/PLM/SCM/MES as well as cloud platforms give him the pragmatic view on the necessary implementation in alignment with the corporate strategy. He mainly advises companies from the mechanical and plant engineering, electronics manufacturing, telecommunications, automotive and industrial automation sectors.

Prior to joining Bain, Körber was a partner at a strategy consultancy, where he was responsible for "Industrial IoT and Enterprise Platform Transformations - Manufacturing & Supply Chain" in the EMEA region.

Bodo Körber holds a degree in business administration with a focus on business information systems, which he completed at the Gerhard Mercator University in Duisburg (now: University of Duisburg-Essen).


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