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  • Awarded MBE for services to British Trade as Director of Communications for the UK Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo

Katherine leads Bain’s Global Energy Transition Policy Centre. She has 20 years' experience across a range of public, private, and 3rd sector roles.

Katherine was the former Energy Transition Chief Counsellor at the International Energy Agency, the leading intergovernmental organisation on energy. Katherine ran agency programmes advising major energy consuming governments, including China, India, Brazil, and Indonesia on strategies for transitioning energy supply and demand.

Before that Katherine was VP Strategy at Shell, where she lead a taskforce of customer-facing businesses to develop Shell’s energy transition strategy. This involved applying a policy and market-shaping approach to the development of commercial strategies for decarbonising energy customers (mobility sector and industry); driving through changes to the operating model; and leading Shell's external engagement with sector coalitions. 

Katherine combines a deep understanding of the energy system, with experience of business, government, and civil society. Her focus is on enabling companies to go faster through the energy transition by navigating and proactively shaping their market environment.

Katherine began her career as a British Diplomat and has a wide range of policy experience across complex geographies and issues. She was the former Private Secretary to the British Foreign Secretary (Lord Hague) advising on Europe, Asia and Climate/Energy; the UK's nuclear expert on Iran E3+3 negotiations; and the former political/economic Consul in Shanghai. In addition, Katherine has also supported civil society groups in fragile states to tackle corruption and improve governance as the Director for Defence & Security at Transparency International. 

Katherine has degrees in natural science, Chinese studies, and finance (ongoing), and enjoys music and sports. 


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