Xavier Houot



20+ years of sustainability experience, with a track record of leading down-to-earth transformations


전문 분야

  • Led Schneider Electric environmental sustainability for 10 years
  • Designed award-winning innovations on climate, circularity, sustainable lighthouse factories, biodiversity, and green offers
  • Developed 'One-Planet Prosperity' thought leadership with Global Footprint Network

Xavier is a member of our Sustainability & Responsibility practice, with a focus on leading sustainability projects for B2B and B2C clients.

With over 20 years of experience dedicated to ESG value creation and transformations, he has worked at consulting firms in India and Europe, as well as in the manufacturing industry.

Xavier joined Bain after ten years with Schneider Electric, where he spearheaded multiple sustainability transformations, initially as group Chief Environment Officer, designing and leading multiple strategic transformations, many recognized globally (climate, circularity, renewables, supply chain, sustainable businesses, etc).

Xavier holds an MBA from IAE Paris, Sorbonne University in addition to a telecom engineering degree. He's a father of four who enjoys outdoor sports and is passionate about sustainable change management in both global business and individual lifestyle choices.

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