Magali Deryckere




Magali Deryckere is a member of our Consumer Products and Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility practices. She is one of our global CP-S&CR Interlock Champions, helping drive engagement at the intersection of the two practices.

Since joining us in 2011, Magali has led multiple consumer goods projects ranging from top-line acceleration, transformation, post-merger integration, operating model, and growth platforms. As of 2019, she has been focusing on sustainability projects with consumer goods players and has driven multiple of our core points of views on this topic: Sustainability in brands being one of the main articles she has contributed to.

Magali is very passionate about helping teams grow and leads Women at Bain for the Brussels office. Since she joined, she has also strongly supported the recruiting team and has taken the role of Talent Acquisition Manager of the Brussels office.

She has a Master's in Business and Economics, from Solvay Business School and has studied at multiple other universities across her curriculum (Ghent University, Virgina Tech, Indian Institute of Management).

In her personal time, Magali enjoys spending time with her family and friends, as well as doing and following sports like field hockey, golf, and squash.

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