Mark Hardwick



Mark Hardwick is a long term member of Bain's global Retail and Strategy practices with over 10 years of consulting experience.

Mark works with senior executives across EMEA, the US and Australia to tackle their key strategic and operational issues. He has extensive experience in leading large-scale projects across a broad range of retail topics, especially in Grocery, with deep expertise in category management, advanced retail buying (COGS negotiations) and channel optimization (incl. online fulfillment). 

He also holds significant corporate and business unit strategy experience covering multiple sectors including retail, sports betting and heavy industrials, as well as various post-acquisitions.

In addition to his core retail work, Mark helps lead the intersection of ESG and Grocery for Bain across EMEA, pulling on broad client involvements in both sustainability strategy design as well as on the ground implementation to deliver against targets. He is also a recipient of the London office’s prestigious Maestro Leadership Award.

Outside of work, Mark is the father of a three-year-old, loves travel and adventures, and serves as an advisory Board member to the same school he once was a math teacher.

Mark has an MA (Hons) from the University of Edinburgh

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