Marc Eames




Marc Eames leads Australia’s Advanced Analytics practice. Bain’s capability applies the latest techniques in Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to extract the maximum value for data assets, no matter their location and format.

Marc works with Bain’s clients across all industries and geographies, working in North America, Africa and Asia Pacific. He has been with the firm for a decade, advising clients on Data Strategy and Governance, delivering Analytics-led use cases and building client capabilities to benefit from Analytics solutions delivered and sustained at scale. In addition, Marc has deep industry experience in the Telecommunications, Technology and Financial Services sectors.

Marc also spearheads Bain’s services alliance with OpenAI in Asia Pacific, bringing the innovative power of generative AI to clients ready to define the next wave of analytics solutions across customer service, knowledge management and personalisation at scale

Marc holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Science with honours (specialising in applied mathematics and computational science).

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