Louise Keely




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  • 25+ years experience in advanced analytics and customer strategy in consumer-facing industries
  • Noted expert and speaker on global consumer demand shifts, with authorship and citation in numerous business publications including HBR, The Financial Times, Bloomberg, and the Wall Street Journal
  • Marshall scholar with a Ph.D. in economics and M.Sc. in econometrics from the London School of Economics

Louise is a leader in Bain’s Advanced Analytics practice. She has 25+ years' professional experience in advanced analytics and customer strategy, with a focus on retail and other consumer-facing industries.

She has advised clients customer-led strategic transformations that encompassed merchandising, pricing and promotions, marketing, the loyalty program, store experience, and overall brand re-launch. She has guided clients on the strategy and design of data and analytics functions, including the demonstration of the use of analytics to solve critical business questions, the design of the organizational structure, the roles of the new function, and its commercial goals and KPIs. She has also worked with clients on their Engine 2 strategies, to build new businesses to serve their customers and were adjacent to core capabilities.

Before Bain, Louise was a principal and held leadership roles at other major consulting firms and in industry. Louise also spent several years as an economics professor and researcher. Louise started her career at Bain as an associate consultant.

Louise is a noted writer and speaker on the topic of global consumer demand shifts and their implications for business strategy and investment priorities.

Beyond work, Louise has a strong interest in nutrition, physical fitness, and integrative medicine, and she is an avid runner, biker, and practitioner of hot yoga. She is a member of the advisory council for the Osher Center for Integrative Health at Northwestern University.

She is the mother of two teenage sons, who bring her much joy.

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