Matthew Hirshfield


New York

General Counsel


전문 분야

Matt Hirshfield is our Chief Legal Counsel. He has over 25 years of experience in advising management and boards and leading legal teams in the professional and financial services industries.

At Bain, Matt leads a team of lawyers globally supporting Bain’s worldwide operations. He advises the worldwide managing partner, senior management and the board of directors on global strategic initiatives and risk mitigation activities. He is also a member of the global executive committee, an invited guest to board meetings, and a member of various board sub-committees and other councils and committees within Bain & Company.

Matt's areas of expertise include corporate law, corporate governance, M&A, risk mitigation, crisis management and brand protection, internal investigations, technology and privacy matters, and employment law.

Prior to Bain, Matt was Deputy General Counsel at Deloitte Global leading the global corporate law team and, prior to that, Matt held various global counsel roles at Bank of America and Merrill Lynch, including as an M&A and private equity lawyer, and led global legal teams.

Matt graduated from Northwestern University with a BA in History and holds a JD with a concentration in Business Law and Regulation from Cornell Law School.

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