Michael Withers

파트너, Melbourne


Michael Withers is a partner in Bain & Company's Melbourne office. He leads Bain's Agile Innovation practice in Asia Pacific, and is a senior member of Bain's Performance Improvement and Customer Experience practices.

Michael has more than 10 years of management consulting experience focused on projects and large-scale transformations related to customer experience improvement, service design and operations, agile innovation, frontline performance improvement (including contact centers and field workforces) and enterprise architecture modernization. As the head of Bain's Agile Innovation practice in Asia Pacific, Michael advises and provides training to client executives across the region.

Prior to joining Bain in 2009, Michael worked for another consulting firm where he focused on M&A and private equity due-diligence. He also served as a section commander within the Special Forces Group of the Australian Army, where he led recruiting, selection, training and operations of Special Forces teams.

Michael earned an MBA with Distinction from London Business School. He also holds Bachelors of Science and Engineering with First Class Honours from University of Melbourne.

Scaling Agile teams across a company is challenging, but those who are successful can reap big benefits.

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