Mohit Agarwal


New York

Transformation expertise across North America, Europe and Asia, with deep experience in Financial Services


전문 분야

  • Designed and delivered Cost and Revenue Transformations across the globe
  • Leader in our Industry Recruiting efforts and our Social Business Incubator
  • Global breadth - with work experience across the UK, Europe, US and Asia

Mohit Agarwal is a member of our Financial Services practice, with significant experience in business transformations and performance improvement.

Over the last 7+ years, he has led cost and revenue transformations globally - helping clients deliver bottom line results and drive enterprise value.  He has deep experience in Bain's proprietary transformation tools - such as ARC, Results Delivery Office and Bain Accelerated Transformation. 

Aside from casework, Mohit led business operations for FRWD@Bain across EMEA in 2019-20 - supporting the business through a period of rapid growth. In 2021, he worked with a leading US technology company on its international transformation.

Previously, Mohit led Bain London's Social Business Incubator, was part of the Pension Governance Board, and served on the leadership of Bain London's industry recruiting channel. 

Prior to Bain, Mohit worked in public market investments and research across Asia and the US. He has authored and supported multiple business case studies. 

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