Nathan DeLuke



Consumer products leader with extensive experience driving large corporate transformations and working with clients to unleash the energy and effectiveness of their best people.


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  • Expert in consumer products transformation
  • Leader in Bain Finance Excellence, Complexity Management and Zero-based Redesign
  • Experience in Bain’s Atlanta, Zurich, Amsterdam and Chicago offices

Nathan DeLuke is a leader in Bain's Consumer Products, Corporate Finance and Performance Improvement practices, as well as Finance Excellence, Complexity Management and Bain Zero-based Redesign.

Since joining the firm in 2010, Nathan has advised consumer products clients on large corporate transformations involving M&A, organizational effectiveness and performance improvement, including Agile ways of working and growth acceleration. He has worked with clients across a broad range of additional industries, including industrial goods & services, technology, healthcare and financial services.

In addition, Nathan regularly provides expert advice on Bain's complexity management and zero-based redesign approaches as clients seek to unleash the energy and effectiveness of their best people. He has also supported numerous due diligence and post-acquisition efforts for financial investors in the food and beverage, consumer products, retail, industrial and healthcare industries.

Nathan has worked in Bain's Zurich, Amsterdam, Chicago and Atlanta offices.

Prior to joining the firm, he spent several years working in operations management and design in the food and beverage and industrial goods industries.

Nathan earned an MBA from the Darden School at The University of Virginia, where he was a Shermet Scholar, as well as an AB from Dartmouth College.

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