Quinn Solomon

파트너, San Francisco

Executive leader with 20+ years' experience across consulting, healthcare and technology, spanning large-scale program delivery, strategy development, alliance and partnership formation, and product management and delivery.


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  • 15+ years of consulting experience
  • Healthcare specialist, focusing on payers, providers, services and medical devices
  • Advanced technology expert, including AI, ML, digital engagement and personalization

Quinn Solomon is a partner in our Customer Strategy & Marketing, Healthcare and Private Equity practices, based in San Francisco. He is also a leader and active contributor to our Vector: Digital Delivery and Advanced Analytics practices.

Over more than 15 years in consulting, Quinn has advised clients across the healthcare payer, provider, services, and medical device sectors on digital transformation, customer strategy, digital marketing and the deployment of advanced technologies. He is an expert in these technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML), digital engagement and personalization and patient management platforms.

Quinn serves our clients across healthcare and Technology in pursuing digital and customer transformations, leveraging proprietary solutions such as Digital Radar 360℠, NPS PrismSM and Simple & Digital.

He also serves private equity funds in performing commercial due diligence across payers, providers, services and HCIT, in addition to post-acquisition work for PE-backed portfolio companies.

Prior to joining the firm, Quinn spent more than 15 years with another top consulting firm, where he launched the firm’s Digital Health practice and led its healthcare software products division.

He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley and lives in San Francisco with his wife, Alina, and two young children, Chaya and Uzi.

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