Nimit Mehta

엑스퍼트 파트너,

New York

Leader with 15+ years of strategic pricing expertise including leadership roles in pricing, marketing, and strategy


전문 분야

  • Led successful pricing transformation in Healthcare, Chemicals, Manufacturing, and Distribution space
  • Operating leadership in large corporation in Marketing, R&D, Pricing, and Strategy roles

Nimit Mehta is a member of our B2B Pricing and Customer Strategy & Marketing practices.

Nimit has 20 years' of experience as an operator, leader, and consulting advisor in B2B Pricing, Marketing, R&D, and Corporate Strategy. He has advised many Fortune 1000 clients with pricing strategy, optimized price setting, sales enablement to improve pricing outcomes, margin improvements through data-driven guidance, process optimization, and operating model redesign. His client portfolio encompasses numerous industries, including Healthcare, Chemicals, Advanced Manufacturing, Distribution, and Private Equity. 

Before joining Bain, Nimit held various leadership roles in large corporations. Most recently, he was the head of marketing and sustainability for BASF, where he led successful product launches, customer growth strategies, and portfolio pricing. He also established and led a pricing center of excellence (CoE), where his team enabled many business units to achieve significant EBIT improvement through pricing excellence capability building. Nimit also led strategic pricing for national accounts and R&D in a medical device leader Boston Scientific.

He holds an MBA from the University of Minnesota, an M.S. in computer science, and a B.E. in chemical engineering.

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