Ramesh Razdan

Global Chief Technology/Information Officer,



Ramesh Razdan is Bain's Global Chief Technology/Information Officer. He is an accomplished board member, thought leader and operating executive with close to 30 years of experience. He has a strong track record of delivering exceptional results through tech-enabled transformations to drive business growth, profitability, and innovation. He has partnered with CEOs and Boards to assess the impact of technology and to build strategies to evolve businesses and business models.

Prior to joining Bain, Ramesh gained significant experience in leading technology organizations for complex global companies in the professional services, technology, and consumer products industries.

Ramesh combines strategic thinking and execution skills with exceptional organizational and strategic leadership abilities to deliver business value. He is recognized as a highly strategic executive committed to developing and motivating high-performing teams. Ramesh is recognized as an industry expert, thought leader, and noted public speaker on wide-ranging technology topics, including leadership for the modern era, Cyber Risk, Product Management / Agile, Analytics, and Cloud.

Ramesh holds a degree in Electronic Engineering from Pune University.

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