Ryan Garner

Expert Associate Partner,


Fintech expert specialising in digital strategy, proposition and business design, and commercial acceleration.


전문 분야

  • Worked with the founding teams to design and launch new digital banks like Mox for Standard Chartered, Mettle for NatWest, WeLab Bank and neo-banks soon to be launched in USA and Saudi Arabia
  • Part of the leadership team that grew a new fintech consultancy to over 100 employees in 3 years
  • Leader in the Jobs-to-be-Done community, a product and marketing framework developed by Clayton Christensen at Harvard Business School

Ryan Garner is a member of our Financial Services practice with deep expertise in fintech and designing, building and launching new digital businesses.

Ryan has worked with leading global financial services businesses on:

  • Developing their customer strategy, product and business design and commercial acceleration of existing or new digital business;
  • Applying Jobs-to-be-Done thinking to identify disruptive new digital growth opportunities;
  • Defining digital and fintech strategy, key success factors and drivers of growth;
  • Shifting teams away from old ways of working to Agile and lean start-up approaches to innovation, such as introducing and coaching teams on human-centered approaches to customer research, product strategy, UX, brand design and community building.

He holds a bachelor's degree from the University of York.

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