Sami Abdul Rahman



Sami Abdul Rahman is a member of our Social & Public Sector practice.

He has more than five years of consulting experience in the Middle East, Europe, East Africa and North America.

Sami has worked with a range of public sector clients to address issues such as national food security strategies, national vision planning, water access & distribution planning, workforce development and national financial services strategies. He has also served multiple cities and municipal hubs on critical issues impacting citizens lives with topics revolving around transportation, energy access, schooling, city branding and others. He also served numerous private sector companies in industries ranging from heavy equipment manufacturing to pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, and renewables in multiple functions ranging from strategy to human resources.

Prior to joining us, he has worked with other consulting firms and with global development companies on critical regional issues.

Sami holds an M.Sc. in Water Science and Technology from Auburn University in Alabama under a Fulbright scholarship. He also holds a dual undergraduate degree in biology and bio-systems engineering from the American University of Beirut.

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