Serguei Zaitsev


Airline expert with experience leading projects in airline strategy, network optimization, sales, and revenue management.


Serguei Zaitsev is an associate partner and expert in our Airline, Logistics & Transportation practice.

He has led projects with top European airlines across revenue management, network optimization, sales and strategy. Serguei has also participated in a number of global Bain projects in the broader transportation industry as an expert in revenue management and network optimization.

Prior to joining us, Serguei held a general management role for a restaurant group. He has also started up and developed a non-profit company in Cambodia focusing on economic development of the country’s rural areas.

Serguei speaks French, Russian, and English fluently and holds an MBA from INSEAD and a BBA from INSEEC Business School, Paris.

In his personal time, Serguei enjoys spending time exploring the wilderness, fishing, and clay shooting.

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