Pedro Correa

파트너, Dallas


Pedro is a partner in our Strategy and Advanced Manufacturing & Services practices, based in Dallas.

Pedro has more than 15 years of experience helping our clients create and implement highly pragmatic strategies that drive tangible, enduring results.

Pedro advises clients across a range of industries including airlines, automotive, aerospace & defense, B2B services, distribution and logistics. He has extensive global experience, most notably across Latin America and Europe.

He is an expert in strategy-led transformations, including growth strategy, new business models and innovation, go-to-market redesign, organizational restructuring, cost reduction, and operational capability improvement. Additionally, he is an expert in orchestrating change programs that drive lasting results.

Pedro has held multiple leadership roles within our firm. He oversees undergraduate recruiting for our Texas offices and is the leader of our Latinos at Bain affinity group in Texas. He has also led several of our firm's global training programs across the world.

Pedro has served on multiple advisory boards throughout his career. He is an active member of the advisory board for Best in Class DFW, a nonprofit coalition focused on improving the quality of educators in our public schools. He also spent six years on the Emerging Leaders Council of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and served on the advisory board for the University of North Texas at Dallas' School of Education.

Pedro holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a B.A. in Economics and Managerial Studies, cum laude, from Rice University.

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