Erich Fischer


Washington, DC

30 years of industry, consulting and board expertise in space, defense, aerospace and mobility


Erich has spent the past 30 years as a consultant, industry executive and board member in the space, aerospace, defense, satellite telecommunications and mobility sectors. His specialties include transformative corporate and market strategies, program performance improvement, innovation and new business building, and M&A/JV and post-merger integration. He has a passion for working with companies to lead in disruptive environments.

Over his career, Erich has been at the center of restructuring key elements of the space and defense industries, and has been at the forefront of efforts in advanced air mobility and mobility electrification. He has served most of the leading companies in these industries and has also advised countries on establishing and expanding their space agencies.

Earlier in his career, Erich was an executive at Intelsat where he led corporate ventures and built and ran the businesses that transformed the company to a hybrid satellite/terrestrial solutions provider. With a deep interest in product and programs, he built and led the product development practice at a prior consulting firm.

He began his career as a space scientist, and holds a PhD from Brown University and a BA from Dartmouth College. He has been quoted in Defense News, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist and National Defense, and is the author of numerous peer-reviewed papers.

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