Monika Singh



전문 분야

  • Over 14 years combined in Oil and Gas industry and Energy consulting domain covering sectors including O&G, Utilities, Chemicals, Mining across EMEA
  • Expertise in Strategy, Operating model, Operations, Maintenance, Performance Improvement and Business transformation
  • Leader of Regional Knowledge Management in Energy and Natural Resources as well as ME Associate Partner's peer group matters

Monika Singh is a member of our Energy and Natural Resources practice.

She has worked with many of the top-100 energy companies, across sectors such as O&G, utilities, chemicals and mining. Her work primarily surrounds corporate strategy, operating model and performance improvement. Her case portfolio includes various strategy and performance improvement projects at corporate and national levels in the Middle East and Europe.

Beyond her client work, she is the champion of our associate partners cohort and a member of our Middle East DE&I community. She is also leading the Regional Knowledge Management efforts pertaining to energy cases and an avid believer in work-life balance, promoting the same in the Middle East Energy practice.

Before joining us, she was a Project Manager for another top consulting firm working across their UK and India offices in the Energy practice. Monika also worked with the world's largest oilfield services firm Schlumberger Ltd. prior to her consulting career leading select operations in Vietnam, India and Oman.

She has gained her MBA from Indian Institute of Management - Bangalore and is graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology - Delhi.

In her personal time, Monika likes to meet friends and spend quality time with her husband. The couple are the proud parents of a young daughter.

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