Sergey Glushkin




전문 분야

  • 10+ years of experience across EMEA
  • Co-lead various office initiatives e.g. Office Marketing, Office Strategy, NPS development

Sergey Glushkin is a member of our Energy & Natural Resources and Advanced Manufacturing & Services practices. He has been working with Bain for over 10 years, with intermittent periods during which he launched an e-commerce start-up and led technology partnerships for a leading oil and gas company.

Previously based in Moscow, Sergey made a transition to the Middle East in 2022, expanding his expertise and contributing to the firm's operations in the region.

Throughout his career, he has worked with top organizations in the CIS and the Middle East across the energy and natural resources (oil, gas, coal), manufacturing (steel, machinery), air and rail transportation, financial services and private equity sectors. His areas of expertise include strategy development, performance improvement, operating model design.

Sergey holds a master's degree from the State University of Management and Bauman Moscow State Technical University.

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