Stefano Bridelli


São Paulo


전문 분야

Stefano Bridelli is a member of Bain & Company's Financial Services practice and the chairman of Bain South America. With nearly four decades of management consulting experience, he has also served as Chairman of our Global Nominating Committee and as a member our Global Board of Directors.

Stefano has worked with the senior management of numerous large national and multinational groups across a wide array of industries, including agribusiness, consumer goods, financial services, luxury goods, oil & gas, steel, publishing, pulp & paper, textiles, telecommunications, technology, and private equity. He has led engagements addressing corporate and business unit strategy, organizational redesign, performance improvement, and M&A.

Stefano joined us in London in 1983. In 1990, he joined the Bain startup office in Milan and, in 1994, co-started Bain’s office in Rome. In 1998, he moved to Brazil to set up our firm's office in São Paulo, soon further expanding our regional footprint through our offices in Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago, and Bogota.

Prior to joining us, he worked at AIESEC (International Students Association) in Brussels as International Secretary General, at the European Parliament in Luxembourg as financial analyst, and at Olivetti in Italy as a corporate analyst.

Stefano holds an MBA, with distinction, in marketing and accounting from Columbia University's Graduate Business School and a Bachelor of Economics, summa cum laude, from the Universitá di Parma.

Stefano is a Board Member of Amcham in São Paulo and Chair of its Finance Committee. In addition, he is Vice Chairman of OSESP (Symphony Orchestra) in Sao Paulo and Chair of its Fundraising Committee. He is also a member of WPO in Sao Paulo and of the Advisory Board of OSESP and Cultura Artística.

Stefano Bridelli discusses how insurers can increase profitability and defend their strategic position by creating ecosystems of services that complement traditional insurance products.

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