Tania Steyn




Tania Steyn is an associate partner in our Energy and Natural Resources and Sustainability and Responsibility practices, and is based out of our Toronto office.

Her work and passion centers on the Energy Transition, specifically helping our Energy clients strategically navigate decarbonization and reaching their net-zero targets. While Tania has experience across the energy sector (mining, oil & gas), her focus has been leading work with Bain's Utilities and Renewables clients, and she has worked with some of the largest and most progressive electric and gas utilities across the US. She has led work on scaling clean energy sources (Renewable Natural Gas, Hydrogen etc.), rapidly deploying clean distributed resources and modernizing infrastructure to support the energy transition.

Outside of the Energy sector, Tania also has significant experience supporting Bain's Private Equity and large institutional investors on evaluating sustainability and energy focused investments and developing their renewables investment strategies.

Tania leads our Womxn at Bain and local Sustainability and Responsibility efforts in the Toronto office, and is also actively involved in DE&I, recruiting, and training.

Prior to Bain, Tania helped grow a retail big data start-up, worked for the Canadian Federal Government in infrastructure & facilities planning, and for an NGO in Thailand.

She holds an MBA from Wharton, a Masters of International Studies from the University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelors of Commerce degree from Carleton University.

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