Thiago Delfino


São Paulo

Deep and extensive experience in design, innovation, and product leadership


전문 분야

  • Co-leads the Innovation & Design practice in South America
  • Winner of 15+ industry awards, including Cannes Lions, D&AD, Effie Awards, and The One Club

Thiago Delfino is the co-leader of Bain South America's Innovation & Design practice.

Thiago has 21+ years of experience and was responsible for driving growth and transforming Fortune 500 organizations over his career. He focuses on leading multidisciplinary teams using human-centered design to build new ventures, reinventing experiences, and creating digital product solutions.

His core work has included redesigning experiences for financial services companies in Brazil and South America and creating new products and value propositions for retail, consumer products, and ENR brands.

Thiago holds deep expertise across the digital and design spheres, specializing in product management, consumer insights, design thinking, and user experience design. He is additionally skilled in customer experience and brand strategy.

He previously worked as the Head of Product and Insights for Google and as a VP of Strategy for R/GA.

In addition to his client work, Thiago works as a mentor for startups, helping them increase value proposition, improve customer experience and solve unmet user needs.

Thiago holds a master's in visual anthropology from the Parsons School of Design and a B.A. in filmmaking from the International Academy of Film.

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