Valeria Sterpos



전문 분야

  • Founder of our WAB Italy Affinity Group and currently WAB EMEA Leader
  • Professional Scrum Master
  • 15 years of firm experience across EMEA

Valeria Sterpos is a leading member of our Energy & Natural Resources practice.

She has worked with many of the top global energy companies, across upstream, refining, transportation and storage, marketing and mobility, chemicals and Engineering-Procurement-Construction. Her work primarily surrounds growth strategies and business transformation in the context of the energy transition, decarbonization pathways and performance improvement. Her case portfolio also includes various diligences for both corporate and private equity funds.

Beyond her client work, Valeria has co-founded our Italian Womxn at Bain (WAB) affinity group, she leads WAB at EMEA level and co-chairs the WAB EMEA Council and is a member of the Diversity Equity & Inclusion global council.

Valeria is co-author of various studies and articles on energy transition, decarbonization and sustainable mobility, where she brings a distinctive focus on customer centriciy, ESG and digital as driving forces.

In her personal time, Valeria is a passionate skier and traveler and is also the proud parent of two daughters.

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