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Again this year, Bain & Company's thought leadership was prominently featured throughout the 2019 St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), an annual international conference dedicated to global macro-economic and business issues to address the most pressing issues facing Russia and the world. 


The meeting gathered 15,000 business leaders, leading scientists, public figures and members of the media from all over the world under the auspices of the President of the Russian Federation.

Digital Transformation of the Economy: International and Russian Experience in Digitizing the Transport Sector

Digital Transformation of the Economy: International and Russian Experience in Digitizing the Transport Sector

Yury Spektorov, managing partner of Bain & Company CIS was a participant of the business breakfast where shared Bain’s experience for digital transformation of the major transportation company. He explained that digitalization helps to build advanced technologies that are a source of company’s competitive advantage and helps it to move towards shaping trends in the industry.

Digital transformation serves as a driver of the scientific and technological development of Russia’s economy, laying the ground for its leadership in the global technological arena. The digitalization of Russia’s transport sector, which forms a key element of the international transport corridors connecting Europe and Asia, is one of the priority tasks set by the government in order to enhance the competitiveness of the economy and transit potential in particular.

"Digital increasingly plays an important role in the economy. Digital is bringing disruption, unprecedented speed of changes, reshaping markets and industries, creating new ecosystems and increasing importance of data. Competition no longer looks the same. Market boundaries are blurring, market share is no more a reliable indicator of market power."

Yury Spektorov, Bain partner and managing partner of Bain CIS

The introduction and scaling up of breakthrough, end-to-end technologies in the transport and logistics sector, including the use of artificial intelligence, will ensure Russia’s leading position in the global market in the near future. What government support mechanisms are needed to stimulate the digital transformation of the transport and logistics sector and what are the key trends in the sector? What international and Russian digitalization practices in the transport sector have been most successful? How can the application of end-to-end technologies, such as artificial intelligence, in transport and logistics supply chains enhance the country’s transit capacity? How can innovative digital solutions be adapted to the existing infrastructure?

Peter Parry: Impact of Energy on Global Economies

Peter Parry: Impact of Energy on Global Economies

Peter Parry, the head of Bain's global Oil & Gas Practice, discussed the impact of energy on global economies in an interview with SPIEF.

“The Indian and Chinese economies have been feeling global growth over the past few years. As they cool down this will effect global growth which will hover around 2%. Russia has an energy-driven economy and has been building new capabilities. As technology platforms improve and their export markets grow, we can expect to see strong performance.“

Peter Parry, Leader of Global Oil and Gas Practice, Partner, Bain & Company, SPIEF 2018

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