About Henri

I moved to Warsaw and joined Bain in early 2019. Prior to Bain I’ve worked in business development and as an investment risk analyst. I’ve completed my Master’s Degree in Economics from University of Jyväskylä in Finland.

I’m working in the Private Equity Group of Warsaw BCN. The team we have in Warsaw is young and international. The daily work covers analysis and research across all industries for example in corporate cases and private equity diligence. Since the very beginning I’ve been involved in different types of projects, working on the same cases as the Bain consulting teams in the U.S. and in EMEA region. The variety of cases and industries means that in every project there’s something new to learn from an area of business that I wasn’t previously familiar with.

In the beginning, learning the toolkit and doing things according to Bain standard is the key focus. Very quickly the role has developed towards taking more responsibility and ownership of the work. During my first few months, I’ve not just learned to use various new tools but also new ways of thinking and overcoming obstacles on the way. It is great to learn from smart people around you, and rewarding to see how your own work stream becomes a part of the final delivery to the client.