About Anjali

I joined the Bain Capability Network in July 2013. As a lead in the Private Equity Group at BCN, I work closely with the PEG practices across the regions – EMEA, North America and APAC to deliver critical insights across the lifecycle of Bain’s PE support ranging from CD/target screening phase to live diligences and post acquisition strategy formulations.

I joined the BCN just as the Private Equity retainer teams were being set up, and since then it has a been an eventful, learning journey wherein I have worked across a diverse set of industries – both B2C and B2B, sometimes extremely niche. I have co-led the development and delivery of BCN’s expertize-driven products and analytics for the PE practice, such as survey analytics, digital analytics etc. I also did a brief stint with the CP analytics practice at BCN, working closely with the Bain India team to publish the ‘India Shopper Report’ for consecutive years.

“My journey at the BCN has been very exciting and challenging. The organization has helped me grow leaps and bounds professionally, not just in terms of core consulting and analytics skills but also people management and leading initiatives. The culture in our organization is a true blend of passion, results, and fun.”

At BCN, I have also been engaged in multiple ‘Extra-10s’ - being part of the recruitment team for Post-graduate recruitment and leading ‘Bindaas@Bain’ since the past several years, tasked with the goal of continuing to make BCN a vibrant, fun place to work. Leading Bindaas has given me the opportunity to express my creativity, and engage with the broader office outside of case work which has been a great experience.

Prior to joining Bain, I had 6+ years of experience in various roles in the consulting domain, with a mix of strategy consulting projects with end clients, and also in setting up off-shore expertize-based hubs.

I hold a Masters in Business Administration from Faculty of Management Studies and a Bachelors in Engineering (IT) from Delhi University. In my free time, I love to run outdoors and write my thoughts out in the form of poetry.