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Christian Naccour

Associate Partner, Middle East

About Christian

My name is Christian and I am a Associate Partner in the Financial Services practice of Bain Middle East. I joined the Dubai office in 2011 as a Summer Associate, while studying for my MBA at London Business School. Following an exciting and fun internship, I returned to Bain a year later as a full-time consultant, and have been with the firm since.

Throughout the years, I worked on a wide variety of cases to support Financial Institutions across the GCC, including commercial banks, investment houses and asset managers. For these clients, I led core strategy design projects but also large, high-impact transformation programs, with a focus on performance improvement and operating model redesign. 

The diversity of business problems at Bain has truly been an incomparable learning experience. Every day has brought –and still brings- more intellectual stimulation and new challenges. The structured mindset I learned to adopt with my clients also shaped the person I am today.

If you are contemplating a career in consulting, my advice would be to put your heart into it; the industry is quite competitive and only the most prepared standout. As for selecting the right firm, it is a matter of personal fit. The way I see it, all top-tier consulting companies are exceptional; pick the one with the most appealing culture for you. That’s why I chose Bain and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.