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Consultant, San Francisco

About Meng-xi

My name is Meng-xi (I go by MX), and I'm a consultant in the San Francisco office. I first started as a summer associate in 2015, and I joined full time in September 2016.

I jumped around a bit before business school. Most recently I was working as a lawyer in a US firm in London. There were lots of really good things about it, but ultimately I decided to leave the firm to go to business school.

"I wanted to be in an environment where I could get exposure to many different industries, so that I could quickly figure out what I wanted as my long-term career."

Since joining Bain full time I've been on a few different cases. My most recent one was with a technology client, a Fortune 100 company. We helped them look across their portfolio offerings and assess each offering individually as independent products and collectively as one brand. We spoke to people across different work streams and people who operated different functions to get a better sense of how these offerings worked. They had the frontline product knowledge, but we were able to provide high-level recommendations on certain decisions, such as whether or not to consolidate or separate products for the benefit of the overall company and brand.