Senior Associate Consultant, Riyadh

About Molham

Hi, I'm Molham, an senior associate consultant in Riyadh.

​Passionate about shaping the future development of the GCC and Middle East, I joined Bain to help local and global organizations advance the region's growth and transformation. There is no better place than Bain to gain exposure to the workings of the world's top organizations and learn different modes of thinking through challenges, all the while surrounded by individuals who sincerely care about your personal and professional development. On a personal note, I fancied solving puzzles growing up; I think of my role as just that, but on a much larger scale and alongside very talented people. However, what is more interesting about complex strategy problems is that, oftentimes, the pieces are not there—not in the box—and you have to create them yourself.

"​Since joining Bain, I have been involved in a variety of sectors, serving in the Financial Services, TMT and Retail practices."

​We work with clients all over the region. During my time at Bain, I have had the opportunity to travel and work in three different cities, in two different countries. As part of our culture, we also take time to help push our communities forward. Through Bain Cares—our social impact arm—I have had the privilege of launching a collaborative program with a local incubator to help student start-ups develop sales, product and growth strategies.

Most recently, alongside an incredible team, I introduced an agile process transformation at a leading GCC luxury fashion retailer. Through market analysis, a host of interviews and surveys, and internal organizational analysis, we developed a firm-wide model for responding to customer feedback that fits our client's unique organizational structure and needs.

​At Bain, I learned that the true essence of business—regardless of how complicated people make it seem—comes down to human connection.

​In proper consulting fashion, there are three key capabilities you need to thrive during the Bain recruiting process, and ultimately at Bain. First, understand how to share your story. When you interact with a Bain consultant or recruiter for the first time, they often do not know anything about you, so tell your story in an inspiring way. Second, practice the hard skills—mental math, qualitative reasoning, etc. Third, be proactive. Regardless of your goals, being proactive yields the greatest return in pushing you along your trajectory.