Executive Assistant, New York

About Nicole

Hi, my name is Nicole. I'm an executive assistant in the New York office. I support two partners and a senior director.

One of the best things about working at Bain for me is the team environment. Our New York executive assistant/manager assistant group is a strong team that works well together. We're efficient, and we know we can rely on each other. If someone needs a hand, our team comes together, and we make things happen. It's a team you can count on. It also doesn't hurt that we enjoy each other's company and have a fun time while we work!

As my partners take on new cases, I enjoy forming relationships with new clients and their teams. 

"Getting to work with different people is one of the challenges that keeps me engaged. I strive to make each new case start as seamless as possible."

I've been at Bain for over seven years now, and so I've increasingly become interested in mentoring others. I really enjoy sharing best practices that I've learned during my time at Bain or general knowledge that's helpful for those just starting their careers here.

Outside of my work, I enjoy leisure travel. More recently, I've been to Italy and Hawaii with my husband, and I'm going to Hungary with my family soon. Spending time with family, traveling and trying new food are some of the many ways I spend my personal time.