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Senior Director, Bain Capability Network - New Delhi

About Shailendra

I was one of the founding members of the Bain Capability Network when it started in November 2004. I founded and manage a number of practice teams focused on strategy, financial diagnostics and Founder’s Mentality.

I played an active role in leading and developing the practice/knowledge management teams at the BCN. In addition, I helped set up office retainer teams by successfully piloting and running an office-focused team. At present, I'm an active member of the practice leadership and help drive growth and expansion of BCN service offerings. In addition, I  head the "Bain-da-band" and Bain Cricket Club.

"​The BCN has been the best career move I could make. It's been thrilling to be part of such an exciting setup that we started from scratch in November 2004. I have been very excited about each of my roles (yes, I have played multiple!) in this entrepreneurial culture, working with the smartest and most interesting people across the world."

I've had an exciting journey here and take pride in being a part of Bain since Bain has been in India. My journey also includes a transfer to Bain's Singapore office and a memorable stint as an AC in the New Delhi office, as well as sizing the hair wigs market in India!

Prior to joining Bain, I worked in various roles at a professional services company for about two years. I have an MBA from the Goa Institute of Management and an undergraduate degree in production engineering from Nagpur University.

Fun fact about me: I had an audition for the first-ever Indian Idol on the same day as my Bain interview. For obvious reasons, I chose the Bain interview over the audition!