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Bain Micro-battles System®

Create microcosms of the nimble, responsive company you want to become—or once were—and scale them across your organization to revive insurgency and make your size a benefit, not a burden.

What to Expect

What to Expect

Most executives know the paradox: growth creates complexity, but complexity kills growth. That leads to a potentially devastating trade-off: companies achieve scale but lose their Founder’s Mentality®, the core strengths and values that helped them grow. Speed, agility, adaptability and a relentless focus on customers all suffer as expansion and professionalization spawn a creeping bureaucracy that chokes performance.

The Bain Micro-battles System® can help restore your Founder’s Mentality and recapture the insurgent spirit that propelled your company during its early days.  Our method is based on an 18-year longitudinal study of sustained value creators and has been tested and refined over the course of dozens founder/CEO forums and workshops involving 300+ CEOs and leadership teams. The result is a system that can dial up your organizational metabolism in two ways: by sharpening and accelerating your strategy, and by forcing behavioral change. You become a scale insurgent, enjoying the benefits of size without sacrificing the speed, energy and focus that powered your steady growth. 

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Client Results

Client Results


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