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Bain Micro-battles System®

Create microcosms of the nimble, responsive company you want to become—or once were—and scale them across your organization to revive insurgency and make your size a benefit, not a burden.

Bain Micro-battles System®

Covid-19 has inaugurated the great retooling. With breathtaking speed, the global pandemic has accelerated the transition towards an era of extraordinary transformation. This “scale insurgency” requires every company to be nimble, adapt and rethink every boundary – to emerge as a Firm of the Future.

Like the American CEOs of the 1940s, today’s leaders are witnessing the rapid reshaping of entire industries. Companies must reconfigure themselves and find a way to thrive in what is sure to be a more turbulent world in the years to come. Some will emerge stronger, finding new channels, value propositions and customer bases. Today’s CEOs have a right and a duty to question everything.

Winning companies will need to embrace their Founder’s Mentality®, the core strengths and values that helped them grow. Strong performance will require speed, agility, adaptability and a relentless focus on the rapidly changing needs of customers.

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Notre impact

The Bain Micro-battles System can help restore your Founder’s Mentality and recapture the insurgent spirit that propelled your company during its early days. Our method is based on an 18-year longitudinal study of sustained value creators and has been tested and refined over the course of 120 founder/CEO forums and workshops involving 1,400+ CEOs and leadership teams.

The result is a system that can dial up your organizational metabolism in two ways: by sharpening and accelerating your strategy, and by forcing behavioral change. You become a scale insurgent, enjoying the benefits of size without sacrificing the speed, energy and focus that has powered your steady growth.

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