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From innovation to commercialization, excel at every stage of the pharmaceutical value chain


The critical importance of—and intense competition within—the pharmaceutical industry has been front-page news since the Covid-19 pandemic began. From R&D to supply chain and operations to every facet of commercialization, pharma and biotech companies have to execute flawlessly across all dimensions if they hope to win.

Our deep roots in strategy combined with our proprietary research, cross-functional healthcare and life sciences expertise, and relentless customer centricity help you corral seemingly disparate choices into a coherent, orchestrated plan of attack. Our pharmaceuticals and biotech consulting teams have deep experience helping clients reduce complexity, master Industry 4.0 capabilities, and implement a holistic, strategy-led approach across every facet of operations. We can also help you grow through M&A, where our expertise in target spotting, diligence and post-merger integration ensure you realize maximum value from every transaction.

Traditional Pharma Services Lead the Way

Big deals roar back, especially in Europe.

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