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What to Expect

What to Expect

We’re interested in attracting the widest range of candidates possible, so the questions we ask will focus on competencies that matter to your role. We want to get to know you, you to get to know us (you should be interviewing us, too), and to look for key competencies we know make you successful here.


But wait, what is management consulting?

For those unfamiliar, it’s a big term for a simple idea: it’s when a company helps other companies solve problems. Our consultants provide that advice, and every employee here has a role to play in that process. Each discipline has its own career track, and the group you apply to will put you in touch with a diverse set of smart people to help.

What successful candidates do

To us, there’s no prototypical candidate, just as there is no “right” answer to an interview question. That said, a good way to show your interest is doing your research. It always looks great when candidates know the backgrounds of the people they’ll talk to, and what they’ll do in the role.


Preparing for interviews

Whatever role you apply for, the interview process is designed to assess the skills unique to that job. Some interviews are conversational, others are technical. If you’re applying as a consultant, you'll solve realistic client problems. Other groups might work through a scenario. But we'll never ask you to memorize and recite material, because, that’s no fun, and we're more interested in knowing how you think.

Resources for students

Currently enrolled? About to graduate? Just graduated? There’s a position for you. Contact an on-campus recruiter to learn about when to apply for internships and other roles.

Upcoming events

Let's meet.

Find an event near you, in person or virtual, and get a peek into the work we do.

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