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Health Payers

Health Payers

Manage costs and catalyze growth as you enhance service levels

Health Payers

Health plans compete in a particularly dynamic—and challenging—industry. We can help you improve share in flat-growth markets; build and buy into new, high-growth markets; improve your Medical Loss Ratio; deploy analytics to derive powerful insights from your data; improve member experiences; and turbo-charge automation.

Our healthcare payers consulting teams collaborate with you to address:

  • Value chain re-alignment triggered by M&A
  • Renewed competition for core processes, from providers and privately funded third parties
  • Increased competition in the most attractive and shifting membership profit pools
  • Increased activity with direct-to-employer offerings
  • Data and analytics as critical drivers of growth

We work alongside you to develop a robust yet flexible strategy, deploy an operating model that maximizes performance, harness data and analytics to reinvent your business, and enhance other essential business functions so you can catalyze growth and create a sustainable, winning position. We understand the many complexities and nuances of the industry, and tailor our solutions across geographies to account for the significant differences in public participation regarding the provision and reimbursement of healthcare.  

Our expertise in healthcare payers consulting spans strategy, digital transformation, customer sales and marketing, organizational effectiveness and every facet of performance and operations. We can help you achieve significant medical cost improvements, adopt an agile operating model, expand your value chain, and implement optimum forms of automation. We are also the leading M&A advisor to the healthcare industry, with deep experience in M&A, including merger integration and post-close strategy.

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Les investisseurs font preuve d'une belle résilience face aux tensions géopolitiques, à l'inflation élevée et à l'effondrement des marchés boursiers.

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