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Risk, Finance and Regulation

Risk, Finance and Regulation

Pinstriped bankers of yesteryear would be hard pressed to recognize their once-staid industry. Today it is roiled by technological disruption, whipsawed by shifting local and global regulation, and still reinventing itself long after a global financial crisis. Bain’s decades of experience and analytics expertise help your bank identify and mitigate risks so that you can focus on the actions that enhance your competitive advantage.


What We Do

What We Do

We help you gain sustainable competitive advantages and deliver strong results through a collaborative approach based on efficient and effective risk management.

  • Finance and risk strategy: We develop and implement finance and risk strategies that complement your business strategy and support your competitive advantages. We support you in aligning your leadership and communicating your strategy to key stakeholders, such as equity and debt investors, employees, regulators, and the public.
  • Portfolio and performance management: We help you improve bottom-line performance by detecting high-risk and nonperforming counterparties, developing models for effective credit management, and monitoring nonperforming loans. Our specialized toolkit helps you fill potential gaps in your regulatory compliance.
  • Methods and standards: We help you create value through superior risk and financial management that meets market and regulatory standards.
  • Governance and operations: We help you develop and implement effective, efficient and compliant organizational structures and processes in sync with your finance and risk strategies.
  • Smart data and technology: To enable world-class finance and risk functions, we set up strategies that rely on advanced analytics and digital technology. We also help you assess and realize the potential of regtech to strengthen your bottom line.
  • Governmental and regulatory affairs: We help you apply rapidly changing legal and regulatory requirements to enhance strategic and operational agility throughout your organization.

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