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Global Sustainability Innovation Center

Global Sustainability Innovation Center

Discover. Solve. Scale.

Global Sustainability Innovation Center

Sustainability is both the most critical challenge and a major opportunity for businesses and economies in the decades ahead. It will take an integrated ecosystem to meet the sustainability challenge our world faces and to build a better future. We believe there is a path to a future that accelerates economic growth and makes the planet a better place.

Bain’s Global Sustainability Innovation Center aims to bring businesses on the shortest path to sustainability impact by defining problems and uncovering solutions, accelerating sustainability journeys and tackling collective challenges. We are based in Singapore in close proximity to economic growth and sustainability needs in Asia, with a thriving innovation ecosystem, access to ready capital and a pro-active government.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Let's Go Further

We’re bringing the full force of our talent and expertise to create a more sustainable, equitable and inclusive world.

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Make sustainability relatable and support build-out of foundational topical knowledge. Identify challenges and opportunities.

  • Diagnose businesses’ sustainability health through proprietary data and tools to understand challenges and opportunities
  • Participate in exposure programs designed to inspire and increase awareness
  • Tap into networks and idea pools for innovative sustainability concepts
  • Access experts and advice on sector-specific sustainability challenges and use-cases

Solve sustainability challenges through a structured innovation approach and an agile mindset, leveraging a collaborative ecosystem of startups, scale organizations and investors.

  • Glean insights from sector and application-specific sustainability research
  • Design technical and scientific solutions and incubate emerging business models 
  • Pilot solutions through test beds in scale organizations
  • Get access to funding from the right set of investors

Scale new business models within your organization. Forge partnerships to create impact at scale for your industry and community.

  • Accelerate scale-up of business models
  • Program manage transformation and ensure Sustainability Engine thrives within the organization
  • Coalesce partnerships and resources as an engine for change around a clarified problem
  • Build sector and application-specific human capital / skills in sustainability

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

Bringing the shortest path to impact through repeatable learnings. Forging partnerships and incubating new business models. Through a structured innovation approach through agile mindset.


Our Team

Southeast Asia’s Green Economy: Pathway to Full Potential

For more information on how to accelerate your sustainability journey, please reach out to gsic@bain.com.