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Thierry Depeyrot

Partner, Silicon Valley

Business advisor with differentiated expertise in product strategy and commercial excellence for technology firms

Sobre Thierry



  • Expert in SaaS transformation and go-to-market excellence for software firms
  • Product leader of the Technology Channel Database, a proprietary tool for rapid indirect channel diagnostic
  • Co-creator of the software operational due diligence playbook, including proprietary benchmarking analysis and the partnership with OPEXEngine
  • Serves as a risk officer for Bain's Bay Area offices

Thierry Depeyrot is a partner based in Bain & Company's Silicon Valley office. He is a leader within the firm's Telecommunications, Media & Technology (TMT) and Customer Strategy & Marketing practices.

Throughout his tenure at Bain, Thierry has honed wide-ranging management consulting expertise, focusing predominantly on technology companies and especially on software. He has advised clients across various topics at the intersection of product strategy and go-to-market (GTM) excellence, such as growth acceleration, pricing strategy, GTM redesign and transition to cloud/SaaS; engaging both public and private companies.

In addition to his client work, Thierry is also the risk officer for Bain's Bay Area offices, supporting all topics related to professional standards.

Prior to Bain, Thierry developed particularly deep knowledge of crisis management and project turnaround, with an established record of both building and rebuilding teams, as well as bringing projects back on track. Before joining the firm in 2012, he led the memory and standard cell library business unit at Dolphin Integration. He also held diverse general manager positions at Faurecia Interior Systems and SAS Automotive.

Thierry holds a degree in management and engineering from the Ecole des Mines in France.

Thierry Depeyrot explains how software companies can achieve sustained, profitable growth.

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