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We provide world-class learning experiences across a wide range of skills and disciplines, to help your teams take their individual and group performance to the next level. 


Our Masterclasses are customized, practical and highly relevant to your team members’ day-to-day responsibilities. We reinforce our content with role-relevant case studies, repeating and building on key concepts to ensure that they become ingrained into how participants think and act.

Your teams will learn from expert practitioners who can act as “sparring partners” throughout content discussions. Small group settings foster plenty of interaction among participants, boosting engagement and retention. And, while we work hard, we also believe in having fun: our Masterclasses, offered in both single-client and multi-client settings, provide truly enjoyable learning experiences. Our approach boosts retention and consistently earns extremely high marks from participants. It's no wonder companies call on us again and again.

A Sampling of Our Masterclasses

A Sampling of Our Masterclasses

We offer more than 100 classes spanning more than a dozen critical skills and capabilities. This is just a sampling of our areas of focus, each of which comprises two to 10 distinct modules, ensuring that your teams acquire the learning that’s most relevant to their roles and responsibilities:

Agile Innovation

From bootcamp and scrum fundamentals to leadership and team issues, official certifications and more, we can help every level of your organization master the skills and techniques that support faster decision-making, product and service development, and responsiveness.

Strategy & Strategic Thinking

Learn about our unique “answer-first” approach to problem-solving and work planning, discover how recapturing your Founder’s Mentality® can both inform and propel your strategy, and put the Bain Micro-battles System® and Elements of Value® to work to quickly translate your strategy into action.

High-Performing Teams

From Myers-Briggs personality assessment training (MBTI®) to an effective, rigorous approach to decision making to creating the high-impact communications that keep your talent informed, aligned and motivated, we can help you master the critical capabilities that keep your teams fully engaged and performing at the highest level. 

Performance Improvement

Our gamified approach to strategic procurement is just one example of how we inject fun and creativity into learning. From zero-based budgeting to supply chain excellence to accelerated transformation, we can help your teams develop the skills that will enhance every facet of your operations.

These are just a few examples of what our Masterclass team has to offer. We also offer multiple courses in private equity, leadership development, virtual effectiveness, change management, high-performing teams, and more.

For a closer look, explore a typical multi-day class structure and a single-day schedule.

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