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À propos de Saurabh

I joined the Bain Capability Network April 2011. Since then, I have established multiple BCN teams and initiatives focused around customer loyalty analytics. I am also involved in developing a customer experience analytics focused service  called NPS PRISMSM which helps our clients analyze their performance, prioritize the customer interactions that matter most, and figure out ways to optimize their services. In the past, I helped set up the Benchmarking center in India and worked on enhancing the Benchmarking expertise by developing new products and capabilities. I have also led several initiatives related to cost optimization across industries.

My time with BCN has been truly rewarding as it has provided me numerous opportunities to grow both professionally and personally. I have been a trainer at multiple global and local training sessions, most recently in Boston where I trained the new Associate Consultant batch. I have participated in global sports events and represented the Bain India Football team in Frankfurt (2015) and in Rome (2019).

“BCN is a unique place where you can create your own Bain experience empowered by a team of extremely passionate and dedicated people supporting you at each and every step. There are endless opportunities for learning and growth, and the continuous appreciation and flexibility to be creative in solving the most complex client situations propels you to stay committed and motivated.”

Prior to joining Bain, I worked with a leading consulting firm for around 4 years where I led multiple teams, which provided research and analytical support to North American offices focusing on diverse set of industries and functions.

I have a degree in Commerce (Hons.) from Delhi University and I completed my MBA in Finance from LBSIM. Outside of work, I love playing football, cricket and table tennis.